Grr. A Pattern with Multiple Errors.

All I wanted to do was crochet another hat this weekend – you know, an easy project that would yield a nice finished item within a day or so.  Unfortunately, I picked a pattern that just didn’t work.  I tried and tried and tried working with it, and – sigh.

To add insult to injury, stupid me wanted to use up some Kidsilk Haze on this untried pattern.  Yes, that pretty, fuzzy, expensive laceweight yarn that floats in the air because it is so fine – and sticks to itself because of the mohair content.

So not only did I rip back the project three times this weekend, I ripped back mohair three times.  And not just one round.  But four and five rounds at a time, as I would realize that the pattern writer made a mistake and that this beret was getting too gigantic or unwieldly or just plain weird looking.  And I’d rip back to before where I thought the problem was, cursing the entire time.

The pattern specified a 4.5 mm (G7) hook.  I’m thinking, after all this, that the designer probably meant a regular G hook (4mm or 4.25 mm).   For Americans at least, a G7 hook is relatively rarely used.  I  only have one G7 hook and about 4 regular G hooks (both the Boye 4.25 mm G hook and the Bates/Lion Brand 4 mm Gs).   So that is probably yet another error in the written pattern.

And the final ribbing on the beret was done in an odd fashion that I’ve never seen before and which didn’t look good.  So after I ripped back a few rows of that, I decided to wing it with some alternating front post and back post double crochets to get something that actually looked like ribbing.

The beret is done.  It’s a beautiful color in a yarn that I really like.  It was a frustrating experience, though, and ended up taking three times as long as it should have.  I’m not going to frog this beret,  even though it’s too big and sits a little oddly on the head. Eventually I will forget how much teeth grinding I did over this silly hat and may even wear it.

(No, it’s not in my Ravelry projects list, btw.)

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