Eclipse Device

Title of Piece: Eclipse Device

Date Completed: July 31, 2015

Materials Used: 50% silk/50% baby alpaca yarn, cotton embroidery thread

Techniques Used: Crochet and embroidery

Application to Theoretical Concepts or Frameworks: All of these pieces reference Goffman’s 1959 and 1963 works, in that Saint-Germain endeavors to use dress to play a role in society and to hide his discreditable stigma or shortcomings. This piece also reflects the character’s love of fibers such as silk, with its soft sheen.

Inspiration: “The Eclipse Device” is a sleeveless dress crocheted in black and red yarn, both of which are 50% silk and 50% baby alpaca. On one shoulder, an embroidered version of Saint-Germain’s personal symbol, a stylized solar eclipse, is featured. The red circle at the center of the bust also refers to a solar disk. The eclipse motif obliquely refers to a vampire’s victory over the sun, as it were, since the sun is the source of all natural life on earth; Saint-Germain’s kind of life has no need of the sun. Throughout his long years, Saint-Germain was no stranger to the luminous shine of silk and often featured it what he wore. Black, the main color in this piece, was so much associated with Saint-Germain’s style of dressing that in past eras when men typically wore clothing as brightly colored as women’s, he was often pegged as a priest for his penchant for black,