Research Assistantships

Agatha Huepenbecker Burnet Endowed Graduate Assistantship, Iowa State University Textiles and Clothing Museum, Fall 2016

  • Work with all aspects of the Museum. Build and take down exhibits, assist with accessioning items into the collection, research pieces from the collection.
  • Serve as lead curator on “Our Favorite Things” exhibit, slated for Spring 2017. Create Qualtrics survey, send emails, liaise with faculty and staff serving as guest curators.
  • Research and write blog posts and create other social media marketing
  • Use PastPerfect Museum software

“Enhancing Women’s Creative Thinking Potential at Iowa State”  Program Grant-Funded Research Assistantship, Iowa State University, Fall 2013

  • Research done in conjunction with Creative Thinking and Problem Solving (AESHM 222) course
  • Conducted content analysis of student journal entries
  • Collected detailed notes and quotations from famous women on creativity and problem solving