My main research focus is on the socio-psychological aspects of dress. I also do research in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

One of my overarching interests is concerned with how dress and dress-related concerns manifest themselves online. The virtual world has become just as much a part of life as the physical world. Dress in the online world is a fairly new area of academic study, and much of my work to date has been exploratory.

The study of dress’ role in virtual lives should take on increasingly greater prominence in the future. As human beings move more of their lives online, they do not leave their interest in and passions for appearance and dressing in the offline world.

Recent Publications

Jablon-Roberts, S., & McCracken, A. (2022). Virtual guest speakers in fashion courses: Student experiences and expectations. Clothing and Textiles Research Journal. Advance online publication. and PDF of accepted article.

Dorie, A., Jablon-Roberts, S., McCracken, A., Sadachar, A., Shane-Nichols, A., Fiore, A. M., & Curwood, S. (2021, April). Comparing perceptions of effectiveness of on-campus and hybrid apparel Ph.D. programs. International Journal on E-Learning, 20(2), 113-136.

McCracken, A. (2019). Visibility, transgression, and community: An exploratory study of plus-size fashion YouTubers (Accession No. 2363086112). [Doctoral dissertation, Iowa State University]. ProQuest Dissertations Publishing.