Courses Taught

Quality Analysis of Apparel Products (FASH 1200 – Syllabus) – SUNY Oneonta

  • Study of the quality of ready-to-wear apparel products from a product development perspective.
  • Evaluation and analysis of products in relation to production processes, consumer perceptions and expectations, sustainability, and physical components of the end products.
  • 3 credit hours, 32 students

Fashion Retail Management (FASH 3210) – SUNY Oneonta

  • Study of the competitive and legal environment within which fashion retail stores operate.
  • Examines planning and management of the fashion retail store including marketing strategy, trade area analysis, financial planning, and retail location.
  • Specific aspects of fashion retail include creating atmosphere, communicating with customers, selling, managing services, store layout and design, managing human resources, and retail systems are also examined.
  • 3 credit hours, 21 students

Styling (AMD 288X – Syllabus) – Iowa State University

  • I developed this course, which is now a requirement for the Fashion Communications option in the Apparel, Merchandising & Design major
  • Course focusing on both the creative- and business-related aspects of styling.
  • Schedule industry contacts as face to face and virtual guest speakers
  • Eight-week long workshop offered in fall and spring, and online in summer
  • 3 credit hours, 20 students

Product Development and Manufacturing (AMD 231 – Syllabus) – Iowa State University

  • Analysis of apparel product development and manufacturing processes with focus on specifications relative to quality, performance, and cost. Quality analysis of apparel products.
  • Lecture and lab
  • 4 credit hours, 70 students

Retail Merchandising (AMD 275 – Syllabus F2F & Syllabus online asynchronous), Iowa State University

  • Introductory principles of retailing and merchandising. Topics include omnichannel retailing, customer buying behavior, market and financial strategies, globalization, supply chain, and  sustainability.
  • Principles of merchandising as applied to retail-, service-, events-, and hospitality-related businesses. Study of the planning, development, and presentation of products, services, and experiences. Industry and market research, planning of new offerings, and development of promotional and competitive strategies for various retail formats.
  • Course includes visits from industry professionals and a tour of a major retailer’s e-commerce fulfillment center and corporate offices.
  • 3 credit hours, 100 students

Cultural Perspectives of Dress (AMD 362 – Syllabus online asynchronous) – Iowa State University

  • 4-week accelerated summer course
  • Global focus on dress in selected societies, including technology, cultural identity, aesthetics, social organization, ritual, stability and change.
  • Applications to fair trade and social responsibility.
  • 3 credit hours, 18 students

History of European and North American Dress (AMD 354 – Syllabus), Iowa State University

  • Teach one section of course, which is an overview of dress from ancient times to the mid-1800s.
  • Class was developed around team-based learning principles and features a flipped classroom with online lectures and in-class learning and discussion opportunities.
  • Work collaboratively with the teachers of two other sections of course.
  • 3 credit hours, 16 students

Dress and Diversity in Society (AMD 165 – Syllabus), Iowa State University

  • Delivered in-class lectures, activities, and facilitated learning groups. Created and updated online and in-class lectures, text documents, activities, quizzes, individual assignments and group assignments.
  • Course featured a flipped classroom and team-based learning.
  • Graded assignments, communicated with students, used Blackboard extensively.
  • Supervised 3 graduate student TAs
  • 3 credit hours, 300 students per semester

Textile Science (AMD 204), Iowa State University, Spring 2014

  • Taught weekly lab section.
  • Gave presentations, created slides, prepared experiments and demonstrations.
  • Graded assignments.
  • 3 credit hours, 17 students

Courses TA’d

Consumer Behavior (AMD 467), Iowa State University, Fall 2014

  • Created PowerPoint slide decks.
  • Taught occasional lab sessions, assisted with in-class activities
  • Graded assignments and posted grades on Blackboard.
  • Tweeted relevant news about subject matter and class reminders to students.
  • 3 credit hours, 70 students

Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility (CMGT 577), University of Southern California, Fall 2009 and Fall 2010

  • Volunteered to serve as Teaching Assistant for Dr. Susan Resnick West while working in a staff position at the University of Southern California.
  • Course first offered in Fall 2009; I assisted with initial development of course
  • Ran class blogs and attended all classes
  • Managed guest speaker appearances and logistics
  • 4 credit hours, 30 students per class

Teaching Practicums

Introduction to Retail Merchandising (AMD 275), Iowa State University, Spring 2017

  • Taught course unit on Human Resources function
  • Attended all class sections and assisted with in-class activities
  • Grading and Blackboard management
  • 3 credit hours, 150 students

Entrepreneurship in Human Sciences (AESHM 474), Iowa State University, Spring 2017

  • Worked with supervisor and course instructor Dr. Linda Niehm
  • Developed and taught new unit on social media entrepreneurs
  • Worked with student consultants and liaised with local businesses
  • Attended all class sections and assisted with in-class activities
  • 3 credit hours, 140 students